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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Our Hero!!

Fan reactions and interactions often create extremely powerful sports photos.
Enthusiastic fans hug Colby College football player Asher Inman (center) after a 23-20 win over interstate rival Bates College.
The Photo
When a school’s football team plays one of its biggest rivals, fans are eagerly ready to celebrate every positive moment throughout the contest. And if the team defeats this big rival in a close, exciting match, after an afternoon of high emotion, player and fan reactions will be especially intense after the win, making for many photo opportunities of emotional reactions.

Naturally, you’ll first want to capture images of exuberant players, either throughout the game, as the clock counts down to zero, or just after the game ends. However, don’t put your camera away too quickly because the fans are often just as happy and emotional as the victorious players, and they frequently want to join the player celebrations on the field, especially in university, college, and high school games.

During this Colby College football win over Maine state rival Bates College, Colby took the lead early, but Bates gradually chipped away at the Colby lead, until they were within 3 points and progressing toward the Colby end zone with just minutes remaining.  However, the defense held firm at the end and Colby won its first game of the season 23-20.  Not only did the players celebrate jubilantly, alumni, parents, and students also poured from the stands onto the field to join in. When triumphant Colby defensive back Asher Inman was swarmed by happy fans, mostly female, their combined joyous expressions made a great photo.

3 Tips
1.     Fans and players often react emotionally to close or exciting wins over rivals.
2.     As the game ends, and for a while after it’s over, watch for photos of strong emotional expressions.
3.     Fan interactions with players or reactions to the victory will often make the most compelling photos.

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