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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Almost Blocked Punt

Kicks are some of the most predictable football action, so be ready to photograph defenders frantically rushing to block punters and field goal kickers.

Dracut punter barely gets this kick away as Andover players apply pressure during Dracut’s 20-16 victory (© Michael Maher, The Lowell (Ma.) Sun).

The Photo:
Kicks (punts, field goals, and extra points) are among the easiest football photos to shoot because you know where the play is occurring and must simply focus on the kicker. One of the best shots is when the opposing team tries hard to block it, with opponents in mid-air, all around the kicker. In this game, the other team had frequently come close to blocking previous punts, and I positioned myself low to get a photo of players high in the air as they again rushed the punter. They didn’t block this kick, but they came close, and it made a strong football action shot.

3 Tips:
1) To photograph a kicking play, stand behind the line of scrimmage.
2) Focus on the kicker before and during the play.
3) Shoot just as the kicker is in his kicking motion about to boot the ball – if you wait until the kicker makes contact with the ball, the ball will probably not be in the frame.

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