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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Male or Mail Stop?

Using signs creatively can convey a contradictory or funny meaning for your picture.

Driver of U. S. Mail truck seems to read the sign wrong as he stops in front of a “Male Stop” sign in Lowell, Ma. (© Michael Maher, The Lowell (Ma.) Sun).

The Photo:
Signs help explain your photo further or add humor by communicating a different meaning from what is typically intended.  I had passed the Male Stop clothing store in Lowell, Ma. many times and repeatedly noticed the big sign, but when a mail truck stopped in front of the store, it momentarily provided me with a chance for an amusing shot.  Fortunately, I was walking along in the right location, had all my camera gear handy and the truck was stopped momentarily for a red light in just the right place.  After I shot two frames, the light changed, the truck moved, and the photo was gone, but I was able to capture a humorous picture.  Had I missed getting the shot, I at least had the great idea, and would have tried capturing this photo another time.
3 Tips:
1) Signs can help create humor when they communicate a different meaning in the photo than what it typically intends.
2) Other times signs can be used in a straightforward way to further explain what is going on, such as the location or activity.
3) Because signs are often in place for long periods of time, you’ll have repeated opportunities to create great sign photos.

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